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Terence Stamp has, in a career spanning six decades, mesmerized generations with his thespian magic and all-around artistic sensibility. From the big screen to the small screen and the stage, with voice-overs and books in between, he has delighted, dazzled and persevered. Now, 50 years after his cinematic breakthrough, Stamp continues to entice with his riveting portrayals. Most recently, he was reunited with director Tim Burton on the fantasy adventure Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Stamp recently wrapped shooting on the feature Crooked House, co-starring Glenn Close, Gillian Anderson and Christina Hendricks.

Stamp’s long and illustrious career began in 1962, when he took the cinematic world by storm with his breakout, tour de force performance in Billy Budd, a critically acclaimed adaptation of Herman Melville directed by Peter Ustinov. Stamp’s film debut not only solidified him as a bona fide silver-screen star, it also earned critical and industry recognition. He was honored with multiple nominations including an Academy Award® for Best Supporting Actor and BAFTA for Best Newcomer. Stamp also won the Golden Globe® Award for New Star of the Year.

Throughout the decade the actor’s salient performances consistently received acclaim and in 1965 he received the Cannes Film Festival Best Actor Award for his eerie turn as Frederick Clegg, the obsessive psychopath in William Wyler’s suspense thriller The Collector. For his role in Prince of Shadows, Stamp was awarded the Silver Bear for Best Actor at the 42nd Berlin International Film Festival.

At the height of his stardom, Stamp found himself at a career crossroad and navigating the changing tides of a new cinematic era. He spent eight years resolutely redefining his craft from young leading man to character actor. Stamp triumphantly returned to the big screen opposite Marlon Brando and Christopher Reeve as the arch-villain General Zod in Superman II.

In the ensuing years Stamp has distinguished himself as the quintessential actor with his eclectic palette of film roles. Playing against type, Stamp fearlessly embodied the middle-aged drag queen Ralph (a.k.a. Bernadette) in the award-winning Australian comedy The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. For this unflinching and compelling portrayal Stamp garnered numerous Best Actor nominations including those of the Australian Film Institute, BAFTAs, Chlotrudis Society and Hollywood Foreign Press (Golden Globes®). He won Best Actor honors at the Seattle International Film Festival.

In perhaps his most memorable role to date, Stamp played the title role as an aging ex-con in Steven Soderbergh’s modern classic The Limey. Ingeniously devised, the film juxtaposed Stamp’s earlier performance in Poor Cow with the new character’s experiences in order to reveal his background. Stamp earned multiple accolades for his riveting performance, winning a Satellite Award for Best Actor and receiving nominations for an Independent Spirit Award (Best Male Lead) and London Film Critics’ Circle Award (Best British Actor).

Appearing in over 60 films, Stamp has starred alongside some of cinema’s most revered and prolific actors: Laurence Olivier, in Term of Trial ; Julie Christie, in John Schlesinger’s Far From the Madding Crowd ; Robert Redford, in Legal Eagles ; Matt Damon, in The Adjustment Bureau ; Angelina Jolie, in Wanted ; Steve Carell, in Get Smart ; Jim Carrey; in Yes Man ; Tom Cruise, in Valkyrie ; Vanessa Redgrave and Gemma Arterton, in Unfinished Song  (Best Actor nomination, British Independent Film Awards); and Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz, in Big Eyes. Other notable film credits Oliver Stone’s Wall Street  and Federico Fellini’s Toby Dammit segment of Spirits of the Dead.

On the small screen, Stamp has done extensive voiceover work. He voiced Jor-El in the television series Smallville  and provided narration to a number of projects including the 9/11 documentary Inside the Twin Towers  and a vignette from ESPN’s 2010 World Cup series Voices of South Africa  titled “The Truth the Cup Contains.”

Stamp is also an accomplished writer and author. He has published four volumes of his memoirs, including Stamp Album, written in tribute to his late mother, and Rare Stamps: Reflections on Living, Breathing and Acting. He also penned a novel entitled The Night.