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Jaye Gazeley  •  Producer

Jaye Gazeley has more than two decades of experience in all aspects of the film and television industry including music videos, commercials, television and features. Recent work includes shooting the features Sea Shadow and Djinn  in the Middle East, both for Image Nation. Having managed more than $100 million in production and post-production funds, he brings a wealth of knowledge to any project, from inception to delivery.

A graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Gazeley initially worked in television and film as an actor and then co-founded the award-winning theater company The Actors Resource Group in the ’90s. He started in television and film production as a location scout and quickly rose through the ranks by working as a location manager, production manager, line producer and producer. Gazeley has production credits on more than two dozen television movies and feature films and has shot in Canada, Central America, the Middle East and Europe, giving him a global perspective of the industry.

Married with two teenage daughters, the producer currently divides his time between Toronto and London.